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Oct 7th

As a quilter starting, there are many spectacular patterns that can be quite intimidating to sew. In order to gain some of the stitching confidence you need as a quilter, you will need to start slowly with beginner patterned quilts that will not test your skills beyond your limits. Once you have a handle on these straight stitching patterns, you’ll be able to use them as building blocks for all your next quilts to come. The most widely used and versatile pattern is that of the four patches and their older brother, the nine patch. Need only two colors or fabric shades, the four and nine patch blocks can be used with specific fabrics or with scrap fabrics to create simple, relaxing quilts.

Patterned Quilts Square
Patterned Quilts Square

Just be sure to stay within a pattern of light and dark fabrics to help push the pattern along, especially when using scrap fabrics that do not match. Alternating with solid tissue blocks, or becomes a dot, the four and nine patch blocks can quickly create a large quilt, even when using small blocks. One of the easiest blocks to make, the fence rail quilt also follows color patterned quilts ideas but uses light, medium and dark fabrics. The individual block is made when three or more strips of cloth, all of the same width, are sewn next to the other half-to-dark light operation. When you activate the blocks a zigzag pattern is created and often different illusions can be made depending on the placement of the blocks and the fabrics used.

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Another basic piece for them to learn as a beginner is a wedge block. Flying geese consist of two colors or tones, with a large triangle being the first color and two small triangles on either side of the larger one in the second color. When sewn together, the three triangles create a rectangular piece of work. Several of these blocks can also be spun to create a rebuilt boundary or placed in a larger block to create blocks of stars, grinders and other color patterned quilts. To complement the piece, choose quilting patterns that emphasize your sewing lines and patterns. For example, large flower picture quilt to fit various floral prints on the fabric.

To contrast blocks with your quilting pattern, consider adding curved lines when the splice only uses straight lines. You could also cross the blocks without taking into account the reconstructed seams, creating secondary patterned quilts instead of highlighting the blocks themselves. The most important aspect of quilting is having fun and being creative. A simple, easy edge is created by using a single piece of fabric around the edges of the quilt. Usually, the side borders are added, followed by the top and bottom pieces.

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